1700 breakfasts for people on the go

DSC05108-Torpedo Spring ChallengePrize giving during Torpedo Spring Challenge 2017

Torpedo Spring Challenge - Geraldine

It was immediately obvious upon receiving the enquiry, that the logistics of service were going to be as important as providing a high-quality meal. The stipulation was to cater for 1700 competitors, including 130 special diets, in one and a half hours.

We put together a plan including a menu and layout drawings to which Jodie said “Yes”. We supplied: a choice of salmon, vegetarian or bacon frittata; three flavours of muffins and a homemade muesli cup with yoghurt; and a piece of fruit.  Competitors moved on with their tray-loads to the drinks marquee for coffee or orange juice.

As the breakfast was to be eaten while standing during prize giving, trays, that could be easily carried and eaten from, were considered essential. We chose a design with a two-cup holder and a flat surface for placing food, a serviette and a spork for eating the muesli.

‘Go Geraldine‘, put us onto the local high school, who were fundraising for a trip to Cambodia, to provide peak serving time staff - a win-win for all parties!

Lovely Grub, provided the food service and drinks marquees via Hire Pool. We were on location directing the setup from the Wednesday till the final pack up on Sunday.

Along with the competitors, we noticed and greatly appreciated the assistance and hospitality shown to us by the Geraldine community. Whether it was for small items, advice from the supermarket or just getting our ‘fixes’ from the coffee shop, everyone was so helpful.

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DSC04902-Torpedo Spring ChallengeSome of the ingredients for the 1700 muesli cups

DSC05052-Torpedo Spring ChallengeMany great comments were received for both the breakfast food and the organisation

DSC05112-Torpedo Spring ChallengeGeraldine High School students who assisted in breakfast service. They were fund raising for a trip to Cambodia

DSC05081-Torpedo Spring Challenge1700 in the big marquee for prize giving after breakfast. Lovely Grub's trucks and trailers are hidden behind the food marquee. Drinks were served from the smaller marquee in the middle.

DSC04927-Torpedo Spring ChallengeHellen and Judy enjoying some quiet time at the daffodil farm after making 1700 mueslis