Summer catering underway

dsc06097 1 20171213 1990932322Jordon Luck reaches the climax of "Why does love do this to me"

The Kaipoi Carnival was next to kick our summer catering programme into a higher gear, rocking with the Shadow Puppoets and Jordan Luck.  A few days earlier, we were serving Denver leg venison with juniper berry, thyme and black pepper jus, at the Canterbury West Coast Deer Farmers annual velvet awards. Later we served breakfasts for two 'toolbox' meetings Downer and a 90 th. birthday celebration luncheon at Charteris Bay.

The Kaiapoi Carnival

dsc06087 jordan luck 20171214 1426750305Jordan Luck performing with the Lovely Grub shop and bar in the back ground.

dsc06083 kaiapoi carnival 20171213 1527727345The 400 guest V.I.P area where we provided the food and bar

It’s been a rocking hot summer for Lovely Grub with the Rolling Stones in October and now the Jordan Luck Band in December. We rocked to the Shadow Puppets and the Jordan Luck Band. We serviced the V.I.P. area for 400 guests who were entertained all night long. We featured the Eagle Breweries craft beers and Lovely Grubs amazing food.Canterbury West Coast Deer Farmers annual velvet awards.

dsc06047 2 velvet dinner 20171213 1743373853Lovely Grub staff enjoying a light moment during on a very hot December night

Canterbury West Coast Deer Farmers annual velvet awards

The awards dinner was held at the Darfield Community Centre. Denver leg venison was served with juniper berry, thyme and black pepper jus was the winner on the night. This prime venison was supplied by Mountain River.

90th birthday luncheon

Our second in within a couple of months, its a privilege it is to cater for such a milestone in a person’s life. A luncheon might be simple to organise, but having help makes a world of difference to aging family members - organising worries are taken off their hands allowing important extra time for family and friends to get together for that memorable day. This one was held at the Orton Bradley Farm Park in Charteris Bay where the old school house offered no facilities other than a bit of shelter from the heat on what was a very hot day.