Success food for school rowing

DSC08937-Maadi rowingThank you cake and letter to Nikki & Co. - makes it all so worthwhile.
Rowing menus are prepared in consultation with many successful rowing coaches including those from Hamilton Boys, Auckland Grammar and St Margot’s.

The food is high in carbohydrate and low in fat. It is also low in sugar and where possible natural fruit sugars are used to do the sweetening. Whole grain flours are generally used in favour of white flour as their energy is released over a longer time.

So, this means no cream for dessert, no bacon with the eggs for breakfast, whole meal rolls instead of white rolls and so on.

This does not always win us prizes with individuals but proof in our strategy is that Lovely Grub fuelled 4 of the 8 rowing eights in the 2018 Maadi Cup final for Boys. We also catered for St Margot’s who made the girls final as well.

There are times when doing extremely long hours, taking special care to look after special food requirements while catering for several hundreds of guests, you wonder if anyone actually cares.

Some Nelson rowing girls asked to borrow some oil and a few other ingredients. They were baking a cake! Not a problem as there are often birthdays happening and the request is quite common.  After dinner, that night, our staff were presented with a vegan gluten-free cake and a lovely letter of thanks.

Living proof they care!