Just a few extra guests

DSC02546Some of the 800 guests at the National Methodist Conference 2018.

A large unexpected group is ushered past the buffet. We turn, only to see another crowd working their way in. Everytime we turn, there they flow, wave after wave!  The St Andrew’s gynasium was brimming over, well before the official diner time! How will we seat and feed everyone?

Several urgent mini conferences and the St Andrew’s staff has more facilities ready over in the senior college.  Extras are ushered that way. Another couple of hundred follow. We are going great guns! Dispite the surprise, all seems to be sorting out nicely.

Quarter of an hour to go, and we learn another 150 delegates have yet to arrive. Their church service had run on.  Would there be enough to eat?

The Fijian and Tongan community delegates flood in!  Poly-boxes of food wheel in with them. Additional buffets set up including several roasted pigs. Over 800 are well fed without a hitch!

Finally, we relax and listen to the amazing talent from the Pacific Islands entertain the guests as we finish our catering duties for the night

This is the fourth national conference Lovely Grub has catered for the Methodists. One in Wellington and the other 3 in Christchurch. There are always plenty of guests and it’s been a pleasure catering for those arriving from the Pacific over the years.

DSC02562Delegates with part of the Lovely Grub catering gear in front of the St Andrews College dinning room.

DSC02508Twelve hundred and counting...well done Mitchell and Mitchell.




DSC02526I hope the big fella's leave some for me.

DSC02553Pre-dinner entertainment

DSC02556Even the youngest performed extremely well in front of the 800 guests.