Monegasques Ambassador visits Akaroa.

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On good authority, despite the kiwi accent, we were told the sparkling-red uniformed man seated at the head table was in fact the Monegasques Ambassador. He, reportedly, travelled all the way from Monte Carlo to be present at the Banks Peninsula’s Branch of the Vintage Car Club’s celebratory dinner.

In true Monte Carlo fashion, various period cars started out from many distant parts of the South Island to converge on Akaroa.

One driver told us of their start from Te Anau at 12.15 am, finishing in Duvauchelle some 15 hours later having travelled 1100 kilometres. Car of choice? A 1975 Citroen which travelled by way of Bluff, Gore, Balclutha, Owaka, Dunedin, Timaru, Methven, and Rakaia Gorge. What a splendid effort!

Points were obtained for age of car, towns visited, Duvauchelle’s showground driving course, and maintaining 23.7 mph on a run to the French Farm Winery.

“Concorde de Conforte” was another competition for the best array of worldly comforts on the arduous journeys. We saw all sorts of picnic ‘essentials’ including Thermets, skiis, and even toilets! Exotic food, and especially wine were the norm.

Indulging in the passions of life, elderly men and women became so much younger.

The Vintage Car Club have run this event six times now, this being the fourth time Lovely Grub have catered for their celebratory dinner.  Every four years they ring up and arrange another meal. Our caterers “off licence” ensures the bar facilities. It’s great to have old clients who continue to keep coming back.

What a wonderful way for 70 people, complete with the Kiwi/Monegasque ambassador, to spend a weekend with their 25 cars!

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