Combining marriage and rowing in Twizel

Twizel Wedding Feb 2019 DSC02558What could be better for a 'destination' wedding, than a ceremony on the shores of beautiful Lake Pukaki?

What do destination weddings and performance rowing have in common? Well... nothing really, except Lovely Grub catered for two unrelated events in one effort despite different locations.

How did this work out? Read on and see photos of our working week away..

First a bar and food service was required on the shores of Lake Pukaki 20 minutes by car north of Twizel. Next we dined 170 rowers at the Twizel Bowling Club who were striving for gold and NZ selection at the NZ Rowing Nationals held on Lake Ruataniwha. Then we moved on to the wedding breakfast at the Twizel Events Centre. Unfazed by clever mobile kitchen juggling, both clients were pleased with the outcome.

Catering continued for the rowers into the following week, including far-from-the-norm, impromptu birthday cakes. 

Lovely Grub catered for the RPC Groups from Auckland, Waikato, Central and Southern.

Twizel Wedding Feb 2019 DSC02575Always watch out for something unexpected! The helicopter whisked the lovely couple off for photos and the bar blew upside down.

Twizel Wedding Feb 2019 DSC02548Once the bar was righted, staff carried on serving nibbles with the champers - as if nothing happened.Twizel Wedding Feb 2019 DSC02578On completion of the ceremony on the shores Lake Pukaki, Lovely Grub catered for 202 guests in Twizel where they breakfasted wonderfully and partied late into the night.Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02685Lovely Grub prepared special diets so these 170 performance rowers would go the distance.

Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02684When young southern performance rowers lined up for Instagram selfies with Lovely Grub signage, we joined in. Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02594Wind delayed rowing all day until 5.00pm. By completion at 9:00pm everyone was cold and tired and this hot lasagna went down a treat. Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02678-2While far from the norm, Lovely Grub loved baking impromptu birthday cakes for 2 rowers. Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02679-2Celebrating birthdays with the rowers. Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02663-2To top the week, time was spared for staff fun and watching top class rowing.Twizel Rowing Feb 2019 DSC02611-2Lunchtime for the staff at their Twizel Bowling Club home for the week.