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AH06611Butterfly leg of lamb - just right

  • Wind at the Brickery
  • Meeting old friends at the Mason family reunion
  • Bishopdale Tennis Club - 50th celebration
  • Stuck at Okains Bay Wedding

Wind at the Brickery


Serving the outdoor buffet was trying at the Brickery during strongly gusting wind. But were their bricks useful? Staff brought out their sample packs to shield the chaffing dish burners.

The Brickery invited their bricklayer customers to a barbecue of lamb chops, steaks and two varieties of sausages in a ciabatta bun with 4 salads. These guys know how to eat and appreciated a “good feed.  Jason Willems, the Southern Regional Manager of The Brickery was amazing to work with from the very beginning. He even shouted us lunch and a beer.

Mason family reunion


The Mason family originated in Okains Bay. We also being locals, copped a lot of very good-natured flak about being “famous TV stars” as many of their locals had seen us on Country Calendar.

A great night was had by all at the Gaiety Theatre in Akaroa, showing slides and catching-up with distant relatives.

Bishopdale Tennis Club - 50th celebration


It’s so rewarding to be called by name while carving the ham by people eaten with us previously. Judy’s warm ham glazed with real orange juice, mustard, gloves and sweet chilli was a major hit along with the butterfly leg of lamb seared in the pan and finished in the oven with mint jelly and black pepper.

Stuck at Okains Bay Wedding


The Okains Bay Hall, a lovely old building saved its tricks until very late in the night. Being filled to the brim with 126 wedding guests our usual parking spot for the kitchen trucks was taken. No problem, round to the back - bit damp but we got in ok. Later the truck was stuck axle-deep in wastewater from the hall sink. Big votes of thanks to staff Danni for taking Judy and I home for the night and Pete Moore for pulling us out with his tractor next morning.