Fun on location

Surprise wedding 2

Sometimes we cater for normality, nice and simple, part of the job! For the last ten days however we have had some more interesting jobs.

The Surprise Wedding

Surprise wedding

We cater for many weddings each year but this one was booked as a surprise - and a surprise from beginning to end.

Firstly, 4 weeks was relatively short notice for a wedding. Michelle explained that having seen us on Country Calendar, she believed we would be right for her job on location at a house up an extremely narrow drive in Southbridge.

It started as an engagement party for all their friends. Once gathered on the lawn they found they were to witness the couple’s marriage. We could hear the huge cheers even though we were working inside the kitchen truck.

Well, the surprises did not stop there. After dinner, the groom brought out their rather large and very rowdy motor bike and proceeded to bury the back wheel in the lawn! This is when “the caterer” suddenly became “the wedding photographer”.

What a great afternoon among guests who really knew how to enjoy themselves. This is what makes our job so much fun.  Please enjoy a these shots from the day.

A One Hundredth Birthday Party.

100th Birthday

Everyone dressed up making a great sight at Karen and Mark’s combined 50th birthday party in a marquee at the bottom of their farm in Greenpark.  The band was great too, easily heard in our truck above the running generator. Yes there was no other power out in the middle of the paddock.

As Cinderella and Gandalf, Karen & Mark kindly obliged a pose inside our kitchen truck – we had a very short lived but heavy rain storm!

Work Gang Catering.


From time-to-time we get to cater for work gangs out on the road in various remote locations. This two-week Treetech job was closer-to-hand in the Dauvchelle camping ground.

It was like being in an extended family, joining them early every morning and hearing of their trials and tribulations when they returned later in the day.

The team worked really hard and appreciated being well fed along with our extra care in preparing their meals. Our location services ensured their catering budget was spent on food and not on other activities as sometimes the case when cash payments are given to employees.

The supervisor asked me to take some photos of the team for their boss.