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We love weddings!

If you are hunting down a wedding caterer... then you must have recently got engaged. Congratulations! It's a really exciting time, and although there are a lot of decisions to make, and jobs to do, you will have the best time of your life. We would love the opportunity to help you celebrate with your guests.

Whether your hosting at your folks farm or a beautiful scenic location... we can offer the ideal catering solution.

  • A range of affordable and delicious menus
  • Mobile kitchen trucks and staff to cook on site
  • Wedding co-ordination service
  • Beverage supply and staff to run your bar

We  cater for several weddings per year, and strive to provide quality wedding catering. From simple finger food through to full buffets, scrumptious platters and sit-down dinners. The menu of your choice can be cooked on site thanks to our commercial kitchen trucks. As long as we can drive there, we can cook there. 

We have extensive experience in the catering and wedding industry. We personally handle the catering on your wedding day to make sure that everything is arranged to meet your expectations, but also so that we can handle the un-expected, so you can relax and enjoy the day.

We can supply the beverages and run your bar. And as getting married in a remote location can require a lot of co-ordination and hiring, we offer a co-ordination service to help you hire things like marquees and the appropriate equipment for your wedding day.

From the food and beverage to the marquee we can help you have the best celebration with your friends and family.

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"Everyone wants to celebrate their own way, we find our bride and grooms often choose to host their guests in a location that has meaning, often in the marquee at the folks farm, or in a beautiful scenic location. With our mobile kitchens we can prepare stunning catering at any location - conventional or not"

Gavin and Judy Marshall - Lovely Grub owners operators


Planning a wedding? We can help!

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 Why not design your own menu with our guidance ?

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View the Winton Wedding Menu

If you are looking for some inspiration, we would recommend:

A Wedding onStunning Banks Peninsula

  • Iris Garden. A marque site with many different & beautiful vistas (Motukarara)
  • Virginia Mayos Garden. On beach front ( Little Akaloa) Quaint stone church avaliable
  • Le Bons Bay Beach & river areas with domain & Pavillion
  • Fishermans Bay Garden, stunning sea views (By special Permission)
  • Mount Vernon Lodge (Akaroa)


  • Canterbury Park Centre / Riding for Disabled Centre
  • Cowles Stadium
  • Christchurch Music Club
  • Horticultural Hall
  • Masonic Lodge Hall Cashmere
  • Pioneer Stadium
  • Old Stone House
  • Halswell Quarry
  • Steam scene
  • Sefton hall

Web Directories:


Akaroa/Banks Peninsula

  • Akaroa Golf Club
  • Cruising Club
  • Akaroa Sports Recreation Ground
  • Akaroa Golf Club
  • Akaroa Cottages
  • Recreation Ground
  • Mt Vernon
  • YMCA Wainui
  • Orton Bradley Park
  • Little River Community Hall
  • Banks Peninsula Rugby Club Rooms


  • Bramble Grove Garden- Kaipoi
  • The Iris Garden - Motukarara
  • Rosemount Gardens- Ohoka
  • Rossburn - Rangiora
  • Taunton Gardens- Allandale
  • Verginia Mayo's Garden & St Luke's Church - Little Akaroa
  • Anywhere you want quality food in NZ
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