How would you like your food served?

Lovely Grub offers all types of service: full table service; value meals; continuious finger food; and, special diets. We can also make up packages for corporate events, product launches, field days, production shoots, even routine meals.

Becuse we offer loads of flexibility over a very wide range of locations, 'one price fits all' menus are not possible. Once we learn about the types of service, menus and scale you are interested in, firm quotations will be given, often within minutes.

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Choose from our signature menus

Simply choose from our proven range signature menus.  Lovely Grub has carefully thought out each meal to suit many tastes and preferences.  They can be expediently prepared and served creating greatest value.

You can have your own personal favorites swapped in along with any of our wonderful ideas.

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Design your own menu with us

Your chance for creative licence - your personal favourites can also be included. We can customise our signature dishes too. We also have many wonderful food ideas. Why not work with us and create your own personal menu.



Beverage services

We can serve alcohol. Lovely grub has a “caterer’s on-license"

We can sell alcohol over a “cash bar” or serve the client's beverages under our “bar management service”.

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Hire, support and managment

Let us handle everything, even the un-expected
 – catering, especially in remote locations can demand a lot of extra organising and hiring. We offer a coordination service to help arrange things such as extra staff and support vehicles, bars, even fully tabled out marquees with all the extra linen, crockery, cutlery & glassware. Have Lovely Grub equip, manage and staff your cash or free bar. We can help with anything appropriate, so you can totally relax and enjoy your event.

Management, planning and facilitation – along with arranging and managing venues and locations we also offer complete event package services.