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Lovely Grub Teams with High Profile Car Maker - Hyundai

Lovely Grub has paired with Hyundai over the last three years to provide their corporate catering at the South Island Field Days. It has provided food, expresso coffee and other drinks at their VIP area.

In 2015 we were with them at the new Kirwee site and the following year we went to Waimumu, just out of Gore. The last SIFD field days were again at Kirwee and were notable for the mud the enveloped the site after the recent heavy rain. It was a major trial even getting to the site let alone service it. Our kitchen truck and trailer had to be towed 400 meters in to site from the main road by the green tally loader.

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It’s so much fun working for Hyundai when the sell yet another car. The customer gets to ring the bell and everyone in the site cheers.  Then we have some more entertaining to do.

Other Field Day Work for 2017

Apart from Hyundai we had Dow Agro Science, GEA Farm Technology, Fonterra and Balance Agri Nutrients to cater for in the mud. Travel inside the ground was either by 4 x 4 or walking - which was gumboots only.

Other Catering at the Same Time

During this busy period Lovely Grub had another team up at Cambridge in the North Island catering for 200 rowers attending the Maadi Cup. It was a busy week for all the staff but they coped extremely well with all clients being very happy with their service. Thanks guys.