Maadi Cup 2014

Maadi Cup Parade 2014Maadi Cup Parade 2014

MAADI CUP was once again held in Twizel at Lake Ruatanawha, stunning weather blessed the event with keen and hungry competitors fronting at the buffet with stories of the days racing and the rivalry from battling teams kept us on our toes for the week.

The procession marched past the High Country Lodge with much merriment and chanting by competing teams keen to outdo each other both on and off the water. Finals day arrived and extra food in hand the teams battled for the beloved Maadi Cup with Hamilton Boys being the victor.

Moral to the story eat your greens all week and be a winner at the end.

Maadi Cup Parade 2014Winning Hamilton eight lining up for breakfast. Maadi Cup 2014

Maadi is not for the faint hearted as Lovely Grub catered for over 7500 meals during 8 days of service. This was no mean feat considering we had only one day at base to reload supplies before both trucks and trailers were on the road again heading south We had just returned from catering for the 300 competitors that participated in Godzone Adventure race in Kaikoura.


Next Maadi Cup 2015 Lovely Grub is heading North and are taking bookings at present with places filling fast so don’t delay talk to us now with an exciting new venue in Leamington.